Saturday Sep 9 @ 12:21pm
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Autumn Leaves - Chris Brown feat. Kendrick Lamar

My current situation. Breaking up is hard to do. 

Friday Sep 9 @ 11:29pm

Imani :)

Oh, hey there me!


Imani :)

Oh, hey there me!

Friday Sep 9 @ 04:54pm
Thursday Sep 9 @ 10:51pm
Letter from Joey Supreme

"But I do not resent the calamities which have arrived or the disasters that may occur
For perhaps in these unpleasant instances something which I do not like may be my salvation
And perhaps in something that I may prefer will be my doom
There’s a blessing behind this all
One that a wise man, such as myself, will not ignore
For I have been given the opportunity to attain the reward for patience.”

Thursday Sep 9 @ 10:49pm
Relationships…no matter how good, are inevitably a series of compromises. Carrie Bradshaw (via whatwouldcarriesay) Wednesday Sep 9 @ 02:26am
Nigga I’ma king. Need a horn & a drumroll. Monday Sep 9 @ 09:27pm
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Wednesday Sep 9 @ 12:08pm

I’d be selfish if I kept you. So…
I love you enough to let you go.

But on the other hand, I couldn’t take it if I put all I got in you and someone got you naked… 

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 01:04am


Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:30pm

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